Yoga teaching during pregnancy. Yes or no?

I know many stories and many yoga teachers, but most of them are agree with me: there’s a few reasons to stop teaching if a teacher is pregnant.
Why we think so?

1. Even during the 1st trimester even a healthy woman can experience sudden dizziness and fatigue. I knew a teacher who fell down insensible during her class.
2. Right after the positive pregnancy test every woman becomes more attentive to her condition. Most of them focus more on their bodies than on the environment.
3. There’re a few asanas that are forbidden even during the 1st trimester. And pregnant teacher often can’t show these asanas correctly. I can’t. And I think it’s pretty unfair in regard to students who search for a full practice. So I don’t teach yoga when I’m pregnant. I think it’s time for self practice, it’s time for connection with the baby.
4. It’s pretty dangerous for expecting yogi to help her student to perform handstand, for example.

But it’s just my opinion, I know many yoginis who teach during pregnancy and they are ok with it and have fun) So I think it’s amazing to do things that make you happy.