Why We Choose Vaccination

Well, I have a few reasons.

1. I’m a physician. Many anti-vaccinators don’t consider it as an argument, but it is, because physician due to his education has a broad picture how human body works in health and during illness, how it responses to microorganisms, how immune system works, etc. Not too many people cure themselves without special education. But vaccination is also a medical issue! So it is absolutely ok to ask your experienced pediatrician or immunologist about vaccines, outcomes, risks for your child, etc. And it’s not ok to read anti-vaccinators propaganda. It’s often based on falsified or discredited data (read about former researcher Andrew Wakefield), they never have evident information. Also, as a physician I encounter children with infection diseases. Just read about tetanus pathogenesis and Tdap vaccine outcomes. I choose Tdap vaccine. Btw, according to Pediatric Drugs, 1:300 people with tetanus, pertussis or diphtheria will encounter outcomes, and just 1:1000000 will face anaphylaxis. So, the implications are evident. Most of us don’t cure ourselves. If something goes wrong, we visit our physician. Why do some people think they are competent enough to make decisions about vaccination after reading few anti — vaccinator friendly articles? These are often misinforming, and you can easily see it for yourself just by searching at official websites (f.e. WHO). Vaccines are effective and very safe.  Please consult your physician, not Internet, if you are concerned about your children’s health or vaccination.

2. My mom is an experienced epidemiologist and my grandma was a physician who worked in harsh northern conditions with unvaccinated people in particular. So, I know very much about these infections and outcomes, and these stories are awful. It’s a real life. I was vaccinated against almost all things, and I’m OK now!

3. I’m a mom of a not absolutely healthy (by haemanalisis) toddler. So, he wasn’t vaccinated until he turned 2. And I lived in dependence of collective immunity — we were afraid to travel, to visit friends with children, etc. I know, there are pretty many unvaccinated children around us, and they put my boy in danger if something happens, because he wasn’t protected and also had a low immunity. Please, read about epidemics caused by anti-vaccination propaganda.

Now I’m very concerned about all these children who weren’t vaccinated because of medical reasons. And I’m totally against anti-vaccination propaganda. I think people should always think critically, they shouldn’t deprive their children of a right to have a protection against infectious diseases.