Stop toxic vegan propaganda!

Because it leads to alimentary disorders in people who becomes vegan guided by emotions, not by logic.

A 14 months old Italian boy raised on a vegan diet, was hospitalized and taken away from his parents. His weight was 5 kg (less than an average two-month-old), also he has a cardiac anomaly. Italian court ordered that harsh vegan diet is contraindicated to infants. There’s a lot of similar cases among probably unconscious vegans. If you want to go vegan, please take care and do it carefully, don’t spread a toxic propaganda:

Cerebral Atrophy in a Vitamin B12-deficient Infant of a Vegetarian Mother

10 months old infant who had been exclusively breast-fed by his vegan mother was hospitalized because of failure to thrive, megaloblastic anemia, and delayed psychomotor development. 

Coma and respiratory failure in a child with severe vitamin B(12) deficiency. Another 10 months old infant  who had been exclusively breast-fed by his mother who had been a strict vegan for 10 yrs

Severe vitamin B12 deficiency in an exclusively breastfed 5-month-old infant of a vegan mother

Severe vitamin B12 deficiency in infants breastfed by vegans

Vitamin B12 deficiency presenting as acute ataxia in 7 y.o. child subscribed to a restrictive vegan diet

Risks of alternative nutrition in infancy: a case report of severe iodine and carnitine deficiency.
⛔What is toxic propaganda?

  • Awful pictures of suffering animals
  • Bulling and violence against people who aren’t vegans etc.

🍀What is a good propaganda?

  • Infographics about proven health benefits of vegan diet
  • Science based posts about balanced vegan diet
  • Certified nutritionists for vegans
  • Available products and supplements for vegans.

Living nature example of toxic vagan propaganda: It’s ticks! The Guardian journal reports that tick bites can trigger a severe, potentially live — threatening meat allergy in people. Most tick bites are uneventful, some people are sensitive to proteins in ticks saliva and become intolerant of red meat and sometimes of dairy and gelatine. According to the article,
poultry and seafood can be tolerated, but many sufferers choose to avoid meat entirely.
Such an amaszing nature! But don’t forget to protect yourself from ticks bites even if you already are a vegan. It can transmit dangerous diseases.
Wanna stop violence against animals? Don’t start with violence against people. Do a good propaganda.

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