Safety tips for backbends

Backbending is a very important part of any yoga (fitness, dance) practice. When done properly, they build strength and mobility in the spine, open your heart and make you feel incredible.

⭐Warm up before backbending (few surya namaskar or cat-cows)
⭐Stabilize your sacrum in nutating position
⭐Engage your inner thighs, core and buttocks and make sure they’re engaged during the backbend
⭐Be careful, start slowly and listen to your body
⭐Keep your shoulders away from your ears
⭐Keep your neck long and don’t drop your head down in ushtrasana, for example
⭐Engage your abdominal muscles! Keep your core strong and steady
⭐Don’t crunch your lower back, keep it long by tightening your buttocks and stabilizing your sacrum
⭐If it’s hurt, stop at any step you want
An optimal way is to meet your doctor before backbending