My must haves in first 3 months

  • Jogging stroller with a transformer car seat. Comfort and safety for both mom and baby. Both Casualplay.

  • Baby cocoon by Red Castle for comfortable co-sleeping. Btw, researchers have found that sleeping on baby’s spine is the safest decision because it’s easier for baby to clean his airway because of the way the body is built. Don’t forget to ask your doctor about co-sleeping etc.

  • Ellipse bed. Compact, usable and very cute. for children from 0 to 8 y.o.

  • Breastfeeding sport bras for my yoga by Flexi Lexi.

  • Bra pads.

  • Few breastfeeding sweaters. It’s not necessary but comfortable.

  • Sling t-shirt. Fast and comfy to carry baby and to breastfeed.

  • Diapers. A lot of them)

  • Collapsible baby’s bathtub. Irreplaceable in a little flat! By Okbaby.

  • Bibs and disposable underpad. A lot of them. Baby Vasilisa regurgitate pretty often.

  • Clothes. We think that most comfortable ones are these with long legs and sleeves)

  • Easy and warm caps.

  • Autumn jumpsuit

  • Winter car seat friendly jumpsuit

  • Few baby linen. We use it instead of towels

    Believe or not, that’s all)

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