My amniotomy experience

Amniotomy is an amniotic sac artificial rupture. It’s mostly indicated for augmentation and induction of labor. According to researchers, this procedure is pretty safe (there is a little increase in cesarean section, but it’s not significant). And it should be done by an experienced physician in a facility (incorrect amniotomy can cause prolonged labor).
Well, I had awful 1st labor. After ~12 or more hours of absolutely unproductive contractions at week 41 (about 4 days before it I had a hard false contractions, lack of sleeping and eating) amniotomy was done to induce my labor. It wasn’t painful at all. But I still had a few conditions, so in next 12 hours I had a lot of medications and finally had my son after ~24 hours of labor.
Next time, with my daughter, I had weak contractions at week 42. My cervix was ready for labor this time, so they decided to do amniotomy to induce contractions, and there was meconium in waters. My waters never broke  spontaneous, because I always have flat amniotic sac. Amniotomy isn’t painful. Contractions still was too weak, so they added oxytocin, and after 7 hours after amniotomy (3 hours after oxytocin) I had my daughter)
I don’t think amniotomy was bad for me and my babies and it’s an «unnatural» way to give birth. I did it not for shortening my labor or other egoistic reasons, but because it was necessary according to my doctors. BTW, it shouldn’t be done out of facility and when it isn’t necessary. Always consult your physician!