Is Swaddling Safe?

Swaddling is a common practice of wrapping babies to help them to calm down and sleep well. It should be pretty comfortable for the newborn to be swaddled because he feels like back in mother’s womb. Also, it keeps your baby warm, reduces colic and help make breastfeeding easier. But is it safe for your baby?

Last night was very difficult for us. Our 3 week old Vasilisa considered it was the day time, and didn’t wont to fall asleep until she was wrapped for the first time in her life. =) Usually she sleeps very well, so we have experience of swaddling only with our son. He used to wake up too often after throwing up his hands to his face (startle reflex), and swaddling was the only one and the best way for us until he turned 6 or 7 months.

— So, according to researches (links below), parents of infants often use swaddling and find it effective.
— Correct swaddling doesn’t cause a hip dysplasia: when you swaddle your infant, leave enough room for his/her legs and make sure he/she can bend knees.
— All the infants should be placed in the supine position for every sleep to prevent sudden infant death syndrome,according to researches.

And, as researches say, parents who routinely use swaddling are more likely to place their infant supine if swaddled.

So, we use swaddling when it’s necessary. And you?

P.S. Please, consult your health care provider about best sleeping position and all health related questions. This information isn’t a guide to action, but a scientific data.