How to start doing yoga.

It’s one of the most popular questions in my instargam.

What I think as a sports medicine & kinesiotherapy physician and yoga teacher:

1. The optimal way is to start with beginners class or with yoga teacher. Visit few classes with different teachers to find your one. Many people think yoga is safe, but it’s correct just when you keep safety practice. Even experienced practitioners often need teacher’s correction to prevent injures. Sadly I have many patients who need rehabilitation after unsafe yoga practice (especially spine and neck injures).

2. If you don’t have opportunity to attend yoga class, try Skype teaching. It’s still pretty unsafe, because teacher can’t correct you with her hands, and it’s pretty hard to make good alignment in student just with voice. But better, than nothing.

3. If it’s still impossible, try yoga books (f.e. Geeta Iyengar guide) but use mirror or video to control your asanas. Start very slowly with just 15 or 20 min of yoga.

4. Starting doing yoga, while you have a back pain to cure it, is a very dangerous tactic. Common yoga class is for healthy backs! So your choice is yogatherapy or kinesiotherapy. Don’t forget to visit your doctor before starting a new activity.

5. The main advice: if you want to preform a cool difficult asana, always ask yourself, why do you need this asana. Be careful and have fun)