How to prepare your first child for your new baby?

1. Don’t hide the fact you are pregnant, even if the baby is still little. He understands that something changed.

2. Tell him the new baby grows in your belly. He may afraid of your growing babybump. Some kids even can think the belly grows because of them.

3. Make a good family tradition, when dad and elder kid kisses your belly and wish good night to baby in it) It works, believe me!) Now my son kisses his sister every evening before bed.

4. Read books about siblings together. There’s some special «how to be a brother» books, try to search them)

5. Let your kid to help you to choose and buy things for new baby.

6. Always tell him the baby won’t play with him as soon as he will born. Be realistic. Tell the truth — he will be very little, he will be lying in his bed and crying, end eating and… No nasty surprises)

7. Tell him you will go to a hospital for a day/few days to get the baby and it’s absolutely ok. Make your elder kid sure you will be back as soon as new baby will be ready and won’t leave an elder child alone)

8. Buy him a «present from a little sister». May be grandma or dad can give him a present when mother and newborn are in hospital. We give him a Big And Amazing Car «from his little sissy» when we discharged from the hospital. He was so proud! He told to everyone: «It’s a gift from my little sister!») He still do it)

9. As my psychologist said, don’t send a kid to a grandma or another place far away from home when the baby due to born. Your kid is still a part of your family. Yes, it’s harder to nurse a newborn when your super active toddler spinning and spinning around, but it’s his experience of accepting the difficult changes for him.

10. It’s absolutely ok and good when elder kid shows he’s jealous! Love him, and let him to pass successfully through this feeling. When Vasilisa was born, we got Svyatoslav as a second newborn. He asked us to hold him as a baby, he asked for our attention every second. And I must confess it was very annoying. But we let him to play a baby and he found out it’s pretty boring)

11. Don’t force him to help you with the newborn, but always encourage him when he shows initiative)