How to keep up with all?

I often see this question in comments. Yes, I have 2 little children, I’m a working mom, a PhD student, I study for photo retouching, I do yoga and have my blog with articles and photos etc. We often watch movies and visit our friends.
I have 3 secrets. 1st one is my husband, who helps me with everything, including my dissertation. The second secret is time management. And the third one is I always don’t keep up something and need freakin’ 10 extra hours per day.
1. For example, I write my articles cycling in a gym, standing in traffic jams while I get home, when I breastfeed. Or I read books, listen to lectures or do my homework in these moments. Also, I read new researches and do my morning pranayama in shower every morning. Waterproof smartphone rocks.
2. I NEVER press clothes. We don’t buy clothes that needs to be pressed. Well, if I need a shirt or a dress for academic conference, I take an iron from my mom-in-law and my hubby presses this shit because I have no skill. And no iron at home, lol. And know what? We all are alive)
3. I never sort clothes before cleaning. Modern laundry detergents and wash machines cleans it well enough to wash Vasilisa’s suits with daddy’s jeans.
4. My elder one can (and love) play without my direct participation. And I never wasted time for «forwardness», potty training and other doubtful stuff. I teach my babies always find an interesting business to do.
5. We never make difficult dishes. Multi-cooker is our best friend.
6. It’s not really necessary to clean house every day. And 3 years old baby is a great helper. Svyatoslav loves to clean mirrors, for example. As told my friends, who are parents of 4 lil children, 3 y.o. baby cleans cat litter better than no one. I like this position. Also, I often combine my yoga practice, playing with my elder one and massaging my little one.
7. I try to control great time- killers as social medias. I try to spend there fixed time — no more than 1 hour per day.
8. I’m not a super woman. Sometimes I have a hard time, and I have it pretty often. For example when I have to finish my work, but Vasilisa can’t deal with her belly for hours etc. Sometimes I’m depressed because I’m too tired. But for me it’s much better than sitting home and doing nothing.