How To Breathe During Labor?

These breathing techniques helped me so much during my first childbirth!
1. Latent (early) phase – easy contractions: deep inhale through your nose with long slow exhale➡️pause➡️repeat. I used to exhale through a tubule combined lips, like you blow out a candle (but very long exhale). We use this kind of breath during stretching, but in labor, we need a pause to save pains. You can visualize your uterus as an opening bud.
2. Medium contractions: deep inhale through your nose and hissing long exhale (for me the best sound is “sh” but someone prefers “s”.
3. Contractions getting harder: deep inhale and long exhale with vocalization: “singing” “u” or “a” letter. It helped me to stay ok during 2 hardest hours)
4. Delivery: inhale ➡️ breath holding while you push ➡️ smooth exhale

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