Healthy Eating Principles, FAQ

1. If you don’t want to gain some extra fat, please no diets or starvation. You can «slow down» your metabolism with starvation and then gain even more extra weight. There’s no magic pill/tea/BAA to lose fat if you neglect healthy eating and physical activity.

2. Breakfast every darn day! If it’s too hard, start from glass of (lemon) water->smoothie->porridge. Breakfast is your energy source.

3. Eat more! Eat 5-6 times per day (3 main meals and 2-3 small meals like fruits, veggies, nuts etc.

3.1 Don’t eat too much! Avoid using a big plate.
3.2 Fill your plate 2/4 with vegetables, 1/4 meat (protein), 1/4 grains.

4. Eat slowly

5. Get fiber, vitamins, enzymes, and nutrients mostly from vegetables and fruits. Don’t eat plenty of sweet fruits like grapes or bananas, vegetables like avocado and potatoes.

5.2 Food should be variable to get all necessary nutrients! Fruits and veggies in various colors, animal and plant protein sources, different grains and flour (pumpkin seed flour is my recent finding).

BTW: The benefits of eating fruit can begin as early as in the womb. A new study, using data from nearly 700 children, demonstrates that infants do significantly better on developmental tests when their mothers consume more fruit during pregnancy «The more fruit moms had, the higher their child’s cognitive development.» researchers say.

5.3 If you eat meat, now it’s not recommended eating it every day. Try to alternate it with plant sources. If you are vegetarian, use different plant sources: tofu, lentils, chia, nuts etc.

5.4 Prefer mostly local food if it’s possible!

6. Eat more protein (it burns slowly then carbs so you don’t get hungry soon). Prefer complex carbohydrates by the same reason.

7. Stay away from processed and chemically charged food

8. Daily fluid intake ~30 ml/kg. Try to consump mostly clean water.

9. Don’t eat before bed (it causes insomnia and heartburn)

10. When you eat, think about your food (it helps with digestion).

11. Cook simply dishes at home. Use garlic, onion, lemon, different herbs as a natural taste booster.

12. Take your children to a grocery with you. Let them choose a heathy food they want for supper!