Exercises for the 1st day postpartum


Always consult your physician before any physical activity!

Why we need postpartum exercises.
After giving birth woman should start with simple exercises as soon as possible if there are no contraindications.
— improves blood circulation
— prevents thrombophlebitis
— strengthens muscles and tendons of abdomen and pelvic floor
— strengthens locomotor system
— improves posture
— improves uterus contractions that lead to better involution;
— improves function of cardiovascular and respiratory systems, intestines and bladder
— helps to improve emotional state, sleep and appetite
— increases metabolism

Contraindications: temperature above 37.5 C (99.5 F); postpartum period complications (endometritis, thrombophlebitis, mastitis); severe anemia, massive blood loss during childbirth; bleeding; difficult labor; pre-eclampsia or eclampsia in labor; life-threatening health conditions; III degree perineal tears, etc. Please, consult your physician before any exercises program!

During first 2 days after delivery it’s recommended to do exercises in lying position, and then it’s ok to add some exercises in sitting position if it’s allowed.
Start with common health-promoting exercises for legs and arms combined with breathing. Then add strengthening exercises for abdominal muscles and pelvic floor. Increase the load slowly, carefully and step by step. Start from15-20 minutes per day.

After 2-3 days postpartum you can add  diaphragmatic breathing,
exercises to improve peripheral, abdomen and pelvis circulation, relaxation and strengthen abdominal muscles in the complex. It can be the same exercises from the 1st day, but amplitude and repeat number may be be increased.
Circular hand movements help to normalize lactation and activate respiratory system. Circular hip movements activate blood circulation in the pelvis, but avoid them after serious perineal tears. Kegel exercises are extremely important to strengthen pelvic muscle tone.

After 4-5 days postpartum you can add new exercises lying on the stomach, and knee-elbow position exercises.

We did these easiest exercises with kinesiotherapist from the first day after delivery (except for last 3 ones from the video) in hospital where I gave birth. Everyone did them, me after perineotomy, and girls after C-section too. Important information: after C-section scissors exercise isn’t allowed, but it’s allowed after perineotomy.

And well, I added some easiest exercises for hip abductors and adductors to this official complex that are safe too.

Do them in the mornings, 10-15 reps.

After perineo- or episiotomy or perineal tear hip transverse abduction exercises aren’t recommended.

Keep in mind that last 3 exercises in the video were added in the end of the 1st week! Don’t do it right after giving birth!

Also, be careful with these 3 exercises if you have diastasis recti, it’s not recommended. Listen to your body, consult your physician, and add new exercises when you are ready.