Myths and Facts About Fitness And Pregnancy

According to some old ladies, even a healthy woman has plenty risks during uncomplicated pregnancy. I don’t blame old ladies — when they were on the rise of their cognitive capabilities, there was a lack of evidentiary information. They had no scientific resources with an easy access (for example, PubMed), there was no ultrasound, etc. — so it was normal to make decisions based on someone’s first hand experience.
Fortunately the new woman lives in the age of progress of science, so now we laugh hearing that baby will be hairy if pregnant woman strokes a cat. But if we talk about fitness and pregnancy, the influence of old ladies is still strong. Читать далее «Myths and Facts About Fitness And Pregnancy»


Yoga Dos and Donts during pregnancy

Yoga Do’s and Don’ts, Ist trimester

If you don’t have contraindications for yoga (ask your health care provider), feel comfortable (no fatigue, aches or dizziness — but sometimes yoga can relieve it) you can continue your usual practice. But now you are pregnant, and it’s not a good time to reach goals or to move out of your comfort zone, so avoid uncomfortable asanas, closed deep belly twists, and very deep backbends. Читать далее «Yoga Dos and Donts during pregnancy»


Prenatal yoga benefits

Although prenatal yoga isn’t a “true” yoga (according to some ultra spiritual yogis) it has plenty of health benefits for a mum-to-be and her baby.

1. It reduces stress. Читать далее «Prenatal yoga benefits»