Toxoplasmosis & Pregnancy

I’m not an infectionist, but I have no immunity to toxoplasmosis and I have a cat so I know something about this. Toxoplasmosis is an infection caused by a parasite that can threaten the health of an unborn child if catching for the first time during pregnancy. There’s a myth pregnant woman have to get rid of her cat to prevent toxoplasmosis. It’s a noncence. If you are immune to toxoplasmosis, your baby is safe anyway (ask your health care provider for special test). Читать далее «Toxoplasmosis & Pregnancy»


Is stretching safe during pregnancy?

Benefits of prenatal stretching

  • It keeps your muscle tissue healthy
  • It helps protect your freedom of movement and prevent muscle injury
  • It can help you alleviate the pain
  • It can relieve many of the common aches and pains
  • It can improve muscle strength and endurance
  • It may even make labor easier (according to ACOG)

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Yoga teaching during pregnancy. Yes or no?

I know many stories and many yoga teachers, but most of them are agree with me: there’s a few reasons to stop teaching if a teacher is pregnant.
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Exercises for the 1st day postpartum


Always consult your physician before any physical activity!

Why we need postpartum exercises.
After giving birth woman should start with simple exercises as soon as possible if there are no contraindications.
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