Is backbending safe during pregnancy?

I didn’t found proven information that easy backbends can be harmful during pregnancy.

Some guidelines contain easy backbends, so if you had this experience before pregnancy and your ob-gyn has nothing against your prenatal practice, and its’s comfortable for you it’s pretty safe to perform easy backbends. My own experience as a mother and as a physician who works with pregnant women shows it’s better to practice slight backbends than don’t) Читать далее «Is backbending safe during pregnancy?»


My must haves in first 3 months

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How to prepare your first child for your new baby?

1. Don’t hide the fact you are pregnant, even if the baby is still little. He understands that something changed.

2. Tell him the new baby grows in your belly. He may afraid of your growing babybump. Some kids even can think the belly grows because of them. Читать далее «How to prepare your first child for your new baby?»


My amniotomy experience

Amniotomy is an amniotic sac artificial rupture. It’s mostly indicated for augmentation and induction of labor. According to researchers, this procedure is pretty safe (there is a little increase in cesarean section, but it’s not significant). And it should be done by an experienced physician in a facility (incorrect amniotomy can cause prolonged labor). Читать далее «My amniotomy experience»