My amniotomy experience

Amniotomy is an amniotic sac artificial rupture. It’s mostly indicated for augmentation and induction of labor. According to researchers, this procedure is pretty safe (there is a little increase in cesarean section, but it’s not significant). And it should be done by an experienced physician in a facility (incorrect amniotomy can cause prolonged labor). Читать далее «My amniotomy experience»


Healthy Eating Principles, FAQ

1. If you don’t want to gain some extra fat, please no diets or starvation. You can «slow down» your metabolism with starvation and then gain even more extra weight. There’s no magic pill/tea/BAA to lose fat if you neglect healthy eating and physical activity.

2. Breakfast every darn day! If it’s too hard, start from glass of (lemon) water->smoothie->porridge. Breakfast is your energy source.

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Why wrapping your stomach is unsafe and ineffective

I thought this archaism have had it’s day, but I just saw a few posts that propagsndize cardio when belly is wrapped with plastic wrap.
So why it’s unsafe?
💥It can contain PVC and BPA which can cause can cause birth defects, skin diseases, cancer, liver and spleen diseases. Heating plastic increases the chances of releasing chemicals into your body. Читать далее «Why wrapping your stomach is unsafe and ineffective»